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New Mexico

Taos Living Center
Taos Living Center is located in the Southern Rockies at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Their location creates a natural and ideal setting for recovery and for encouraging all their residents to achieve their optimum quality of life. TLC staff believes dignity and respect are key to enhancing the lives of its residents.

Taos Rehabilitation Services
Taos Rehabilitation Services oversees and staffs nursing home rehabilitation departments. TRS staff work with the nursing home management team to provide excellent patient care, documentation, and communication. TRS also provides local therapy staffing for Holy Cross Hospital, The Center for Physical Health Outpatient Clinic, Taos Hospice, and Taos Home Health.

Anvoi Hospice New Mexico
Anvoi Hospice New Mexico is committed to providing specialized care designed for people in the last phase of an incurable illness. Their focus is on pain and symptom relief so that their patients can live their life in comfort and peace. In addition to the home hospice services, Anvoi Hospice New Mexico also offers the only inpatient hospice unit in Northern New Mexico.


Iberia Rehabilitation Hospital
Iberia Rehabilitation Hospital is an inpatient rehabilitation hospital located in New Iberia, Louisiana. IRH’s therapists work closely with physicians, nurses, and case managers to progress patients from the acute hospital to the next levels of care according to their needs and desired outcomes.

Acadiana Rehabilitation Hospital
Acadiana Rehabilitation Hospital, a Division of Iberia Rehabilitation Hospital, is a state of the art, inpatient rehabilitation hospital in Lafayette, Lousiana. ARH’s staff of dedicated rehabilitation professionals provide a multi-disciplined approach that includes clinical, therapeutic rehabilitative interventions, and family involvement. ARH’s goal is to improve the quality of each patient's life by focusing on individual needs and returning the patient home as independent as possible.

Anvoi Hospice Louisiana
Anvoi Hospice Louisiana provides compassionate care to hospice patients in the Greater New Orleans area. Anvoi’s caring staff recognize the unique physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs of each person receiving hospice care. They believe hospice is not a place, but a concept of care that can be provided wherever the patient considers home.