Poor Survey Performance

Poor survey performance is a lead indicator that your nursing home is being mismanaged. Issues such as repeated substandard quality of care and immediate jeopardy deficiencies, denial of payment for new admissions, extended surveys and frequent complaint surveys signal to state and federal regulators and current and potential residents and their families that you're doing a lot of things wrong.

We solve poor survey performance problems by emphasizing team delivery of person-centered care in a safe, homelike environment. We utilize mock surveys and other proven strategies for improving quality, and we ensure that each facility has an effective compliance program.

Your nursing assistants and other frontline employees should act like ambassadors of your nursing home. If they aren’t proud to tell people where they work and to welcome guests into their workplace, then your management company is letting you down.

We communicate to all of our employees that they are vital members of the team and that their actions and voices matter. One way we accomplish that is through a guiding coalition or similar committee, where management and frontline employees come together on a regular basis to discuss solutions to challenges facing the facility. Each voice carries equal weight in these meetings, and the result is that everyone leaves feeling empowered to make the nursing home the best it can be.  

Leadership is key. We place qualified and experienced people in managerial positions. You owe it to your residents and your employees to demand an administrator who reflects the values of your community, who leads with a competent and steady hand, and who inspires employees to excel in the delivery of quality care.  You’ll see an immediate impact when you do.