Low Resident and Family Satisfaction

Facilities with low resident and family satisfaction rates tend to have worse clinical outcomes, higher staff turnover, and lower staff retention. To improve quality of care, you must understand what drives resident and family satisfaction.

Residents and families need to feel respected, safe, and that their issues and concerns are being addressed in a timely manner. We train our employees to embrace their role as ambassadors of the organization, to deliver excellent customer service and quality care, and to respect each resident’s rights above all else. We ensure that our facilities are homelike, secure, and staffed by competent, caring professionals who know how to listen and problem solve.

We also recognize that resident satisfaction, family satisfaction, and employee satisfaction are all connected. Each has a major influence on the other, and having satisfied employees is crucial for having satisfied residents and families. Accordingly, we use the same strategies for avoiding low employee morale, high employee turnover, and poor retention of key leaders to help you avoid a low resident and family satisfaction problem.