Low Employee Morale

Low employee morale usually results in increased costs, absenteeism, lack of motivation and interest, decreased productivity, and substandard quality of care. Conversely, employees with high morale develop have higher rates of job satisfaction, more respect for their own job, and deeper commitment to the organization and to improving the organization's performance.

Organizations are greatly influenced by the vision and decisions of their leaders, so it is no surprise that poor leadership is the main reason for low employee morale. We develop and place great administrators who give employees clear expectations, constructive feedback, and more opportunities to make decisions and be part of the solution.

We also provide numerous avenues for employees to express their voices. Our leaders make themselves accessible and are trained to be authentic with employees, which translates into being genuine and credible in their interactions. We conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis and implement strategies based on the results to address any issues or concerns raised by employees. We also utilize guiding coalitions or similar committees to provide all employees with a voice in the direction of the organization and an opportunity to solve problems as a team.