How To Get There

If your current management company has exposed you to lawsuits resulting from actual harm to residents, repeated poor survey performance, devastating DPNAs, and you’re experiencing low employee morale and the loss of key leaders, then you probably have the right and duty to terminate your management agreement early.

Most management agreements contain provisions that allow you to terminate the agreement early for cause or by providing an appropriate notice. If your management company is failing to deliver on the promises made in your management agreement, then you should have the right to change management companies.

We work with you to develop a seamless transition plan. We will inform appropriate state and federal regulators of the transition and ensure that you continue to meet your licensing requirements. We are also a HUD-certified management agent with extensive experience with the HUD Section 232 loan program and Section 223(a)(7) refinance program, and we will take all necessary steps to effect the change in management companies with HUD and your loan servicer.