High Workers' Compensation Costs

High workers’ compensation costs indicate not only an unsafe working environment, but also a lack of    competent management. Unmanaged claims typically lead to higher loss history, which in turn results in higher workers’ compensation premiums. Unless the underlying issues are resolved immediately, you may find yourself having to resort to the “market of last resort” or, worse still, deemed ineligible for coverage by your insurer.

We develop effective safety programs in our facilities. Safety programs can help prevent costly injuries such as sprain and strain injuries. But a safety program has to be more than a document, and we ensure that the program is fully supported and that our employees are receiving proper training.

Even with an effective safety program, accidents can still occur. When they do, a return-to-work program can create a direct cost benefit to the workers’ compensation claim because a claim becomes more expensive the longer it remains open. Our return-to-work programs are designed to proactively help injured employees get back to work as soon as possible, even if it’s on a light-duty basis.

We also work with injured employees to make sure they are receiving the treatment they need from competent and qualified healthcare providers, and we work with insurance claim managers to make sure they are staying in frequent contact with the injured employee and keeping the claim up-to-date. We regularly evaluate each open workers’ compensation claim to help our employees reach their full level of healing as quickly as possible and to close the claim as quickly as possible.