Denial of Payment for Admissions

Denial of Payment for New Admissions, or DPNAs, are increasingly common in today’s survey environment. Nursing homes must know how to achieve substantial compliance quickly before a DPNA can disrupt cash flow or become a fight for survival. 

DPNAs are imposed because your residents were not getting the quality care they deserved. The best solution to a DPNA problem, therefore, is to avoid it. We use mock surveys, quality improvement programs, and our corporate compliance program to ensure that our employees are well prepared for each survey.

When a DPNA is imposed, we refocus employees to their primary responsibility: team delivery of person-centered care in a safe, homelike environment. We then draft an effective plan of correction that does more than minimally address the specifics of the deficiencies that led to the DPNA. We analyze each deficiency and craft complete solutions. We establish a reputation with surveyors as an organization that cares about quality, that appreciates their feedback, and that follows through on its corrective measures. This reputation frequently means that surveyors are able to clear a DPNA without us having to wait months for a revisit survey to be scheduled.