Actual Harm to Your Residents

The reason you’re in business is to deliver quality care to a vulnerable population. Because of the vulnerability of this population, the result can be actual harm when your nursing home fails to deliver quality care.

Defending the lawsuits that may follow such incidents of actual harm requires your staff to devote a tremendous amount of time investigating and answering questions about what happened, instead of providing care to your current residents. Multiple lawsuits over a short period of time can financially cripple a nursing home.

We emphasize team delivery of person-centered care in a safe, homelike environment to avoid situations that may result in harm to your residents. It is impossible to provide an environment where all injuries are prevented. Nevertheless, appropriate steps can and should be taken to provide as safe an environment as possible.

We also make sure that your caregivers are caring people. It is essential that every employee, from the Medical Director down to the dishwasher, understands that he or she is there to take care of vulnerable residents. We emphasize that concept from day one with all newly-hired employees, and we reinforce the message continuously.